Birthright: Ascension

Domain Action Log 551

Turn 1 – Day of Rebirth / New Year 551 (Spring Equinox): Campaign Start

  • Domain Action 1a – Sarimiere (Spring I)

Caercas – Medoere interested in diplomacy; Raenech claims throne of Osoerde from William Moergan; Vilnik contests Patriarch Hubaere’s control of the IHH in Caercas & Edlin

El-Hadid – Rules guild elsewhere

Hubaere – Moves to Abbatuor, agitates against Vilnik

Duerlin – Wedding at end of spring between Lara Borokiev, your cousin, and Andreas Bellamie.; El Hadid offers 2 GB; Jebe makes level 0 guild

Ghoried – Raids from Spiderfell; Siele offers GB; Aidan levels up province

Bellam – Osoerde army moving; wedding at end of spring between Andreas Bellamie, your cousin, and Lara Tcholnev; Johann makes deal with Orthien Tane for 4 GB, makes level 0 law holding

Tane – Contests Siele’s guild in Bellam

Siele – levels up guild in Ghoried

  • Domain Action 1b – Talienir (Spring II)

Caercas – Vilnik creates level 0 temple holding, musters a unit of knights

Hubaere – moves to Ghoried, levels up temple holding there, agitates against Vilnik

El-Hadid – Agitates against Jebe

Duerlin – Jebe attempts to rule province, fails

Ghoried – Aydin invests Thomas Blackthorne as a lieutenant and heir, tears down Goblin Tower, earning 6 RP

Bellam – Johann levels law holding up to 1, travels with Aydin to Goblin Tower, earning 2 RP

Tane -

Siele – levels up guild in Aerenwe

  • Domain Action 1c – Roelir (Spring III)

Caercas – Vilnik goes to the wedding; rules temples in Caercas and Edlin, gains Caercas, fail on Edlin

Duerlin – Jebe goes to wedding, tries to contest guild holding, fails

Ghoried – Aydin levels up law holding to 2

Bellam – Contested source, researched “protection from realm magic,” financed

Tane – Creates level 0 law holding in Bellam

Siele – levels up guild in Aerenwe

The Great Tourney – All nobles, knights and skilled fighters of Roesone gather outside of Proudglaive for a week of revelry and combat, culminating in the celebration of Haelyn’s ascension to godhood on the Night of Fire. Wedding event. Contests – Jousting, Foot race, Archery, Boxing

Osoerde – Jaison Raenech’s men have massed on the Bellam/Brothendar border

Turn 2 – Night of Fire / Haelyn’s Festival (Summer Solstice)

  • Domain Action 2a – Haelynir (Summer I)

El-Hadid -

IHH – Armiendin arrives for negotiations

Tane – Dalien sends missive to regent, contests Baron’s law holding

Caercas – Muster a unit of Knights in Caercas (court) with blue and black livery (stag being ridden by Cold Rider), sends knights to Bellam, destroys Tane’s guild and law holding

Bellam – Makes a belt for the Baron, negotiates with Orthien Tane (free), rules the source holding in Bellam, decrees the belt a gift for the Baron

Duerlin – Muster scouts, travels to Bellam

Ghoried – Talk to Siele Ghorien and refuse to acknowledge their relationship, go to Shaft

Siele – Creates a level 0 guild holding

Dalien “The Claw” Tane adventure

Osoerde – Casts dispel realm magic on Bellam, declares war, moves troops

War action – Decisive Roesonian victory, sends word to Aerenwe, Elinie, Coeranys, Medoere, and Ghoere; sends tracker after Hadrian

  • Domain Action 2b – Anarire (Summer II)

El-Hadid – Brother Tim creates level 1 temple of Ruornil in Duerlin

IHH – Armiendin arrives for investiture ceremony, gives temple holdings to Vilnik, feasting

Tane – Levels up holdings in Medoere

Caercas – Ambushes Armiendin, captures him; performs ceremony to sacrifice Armiendin, 3 minions become blooded; court musters cavalry

Bellam – Sends letter to Siele Ghorien asking her to keep him in the loop; creates Mage Guild, fails;

Duerlin – Attempts to rule province to level 4, succeeds; adventures to capture Armiendin

Ghoried – Attempts to rule province level 4, succeeds; decree severe taxes

Siele – Makes alliance with Count Bellam

Osoerde – Takes Bellam to Brothendar

  • Domain Action 2c – Deismir (Summer III)

El-Hadid – Fayez Hassoun returns to Ilien with letter from Jebe

IHH – Sword Prefect Hazarin sends missive to Vilnik saying that an investigation will be launched into Armiendin’s disappearance.

Tane – Levels up holdings in Medoere

Caercas – Level up province to 5; court action

Bellam – Creates level 0 mage’s guild in Bellam; casts protection from realm magic, DC 16

Duerlin – Tries to level guild holding, fails

Ghoried – Finds child work house with Vaula inside, burns it

Siele – Levels mining guild up to 1

Osoerde – Licks wounds, musters additional troops

Turn 3 – Veneration of the Sleeping (Vernal Equinox)

Loyalty adjustment: Ghoried -1 due to taxes, all others unaffected

  • Domain Action 3a – Erntenir (Fall I)

Ghoried – Tries to level province up to 4, spends 10 RP, succeeds

Siele – visits Ghoried to discuss lumber rights, Diplomacy action, success, she will give 1 GB a season

Tane – antics

Duerlin – Tries to level up guild holding to 1, spends 4 RP; talks to Brother Tim

Bellam – researches ritual, “Find the Path,” levels up Mage’s Guild holding to 1

IHH – appears in Caercas to begin inquisition, sends subpoenas to Marlae, Gaered, Timoed, Jebe, Vilnik

Caercas – levels province up to 6, spends 9 RP total; creates artillerists

El-Hadid – Brother Timoed goes to give testimony, kept by Haelynites

  • Domain Action 3b – Sehnir (Fall II)

Ghoried – Tries to level up law holding to 3, pays 4 GB and 3 RP

Siele – Levels up guild in Ghoried to 4, in Bellam to 2

Tane – antics

Osoerde – Moergan and Raenech clash

Duerlin – Attempts to espionage, fails; gives testimony to IHH

Bellam – Creates level 0 source holding in Fairfield, adventures in Goblin Mine

IHH – decrees that all foreign churches must be destroyed

Caercas – levels temple up to 1; give testimony to IHH; musters Knights

El-Hadid – Brother Timoed goes to give testimony, kept by Haelynites

  • Domain Action 3c – Emmanir (Fall III)

Ghoried – Adventures, declares taxes will be lowered

Siele – Levels up guild in Ghoried to 5

Tane – antics

Osoerde – Moergan and Raenech clash

Duerlin – Adventures, musters scouts

Bellam – Levels up source in Fairfield to level 1; Adventures; Ancaerin decrees to raise taxes


Caercas – Levels temple up to 2, fails stealth check; character action to adventure

El-Hadid -

Adventure – Johann rituals bloodmarks (Johann, Perception DC 27, Vilnik DC 34, Jebe DC 33, Aydin Bluff DC 27), Find the Path

Turn 4 – Eve of the Dead (Winter Solstice)

  • Domain Action 4a: Keltier (Winter I)

El-Hadid -

Bellam – Scries ley line back to Spiritsend; Contests ley line

Siele: Tries to level up guild in Aerenwe, fails; pays Ghoried 1 GB and 2 RP

IHH: Visited by Medoere; visited by Ilien

Duerlin: Works province (has winter apple festival), fails; finances gold to pay scouts

Osoerde: Moergan and Raenech send missive to Baron

Tane: antics

Ghoried: Raises province level to 6 (help from Siele and Baron)

Caercas: Gives 1 level of law to Bellam, declares barracks will remain to defend realm; musters; researches Animate Dead ritual (creates)

  • Domain Action 4b: Faniele (Winter II)

El-Hadid: Rogr Aglondier sends missive inviting to Eve of Dead party

Bellam: Ruled ley line to control it; researched Leonidan’s notes

Siele: Tries to level up guild in Aerenwe, succeeds

IHH: Makes church of Storm’s End in Osoerde a vassal

Duerlin: Espionage on el-Hadid, success

Osoerde: Moergan and Raenech clash

Tane: antics

Ghoried: Excavates Goblin Tower (maybe for next round); levels law up to 3

Caercas: Adventures to find Daen Roesone, finds Morghan and Ivil

  • Domain Action 4c: Pasiphiel (Winter III)


Bellam: Makes a level 0 source holding in Brothendar; Ancaerin declares tax increase; goes to Goblin Tower

Siele: Levels guild up to 6 in Ghoried

IHH: Comes to Roesone to declare high prefecture; Lieda voted in

Duerlin: Works province (has Christmahannukwanzakaa), fails; goes to Goblin Tower

Osoerde: Sends missive to Bellam

Tane: antics

Ghoried: Raises province level to 6 (help from Siele and Baron)

Caercas: Ceremony to invest Leida Armiendin as High Prefect, Daerin Isilviere as Stag Prefect, and Vilnik Roesone as Lord Protector



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