Birthright: Ascension

Domain Action Log 552

Turn 5: Day of Rebirth / New Year 552 (Spring Equinox)

  • Domain Action 5a: Sarimiere (Spring I)

Bellam: Moves troops into Brothendar, rides with troops

Medoere: Timoed returns to Duerlin

Osoerde: Sends Lady Katherine Haile Almondier to diplomatize w/ Caercas

IHH: Declares war on Osoerde, marches troops into Brothendar

Duerlin: Decrees lower taxes, moves scouts back to Duerlin, adventures in Abbatuor (learns about logging problem, piracy and lighthouse)

Siele/ El-Hadid: Fayez Hassoun in Abbatuor

Caercas: Send 4 GB to Ghoried, level law in Caercas (3), Edlin (2), Duerlin (2), Fairfield (2)

Ghoried: Court builds level 1 castle (gets 4 GB/2 RP from Siele), tries to level up law, fails

  • Domain Action 5b: Taliniere (Spring II)

Bellam: Rules source holding in Spiritsend to level 1


Osoerde: Lady Katherine Haile Almondier starts diplomacy

IHH: Beseiges castle at Moriel, levels up temple in Edlin to 3 (succeeds)

Duerlin: Military law in province, destroys two levels of el-Hadid’s guild holdings; levels own guild up to 2

Siele/ El-Hadid: Sends missive to Jebe asking for aid

Caercas: Makes a level 0 temple holding to CR; musters a unit of knights

Ghoried: Musters a unit of knights of the White Falcon; tries to level up law holding to 4 with the help of the Baron, succeeds

  • Domain Action 5c: Roelir (Spring III)

Bellam: Sends message to Moergan; Levels up his source holding in Spiritsend to 2

Medoere: Sends missive to Caercas requesting aid

Osoerde: Trevor Ciesen appears to berate Johann for Baron’s action

IHH: Levels up holding in Ghoried to 3, succeeds

Duerlin: Tries to level up guild holding to 3, fails

Siele/ El-Hadid:

Caercas: Court action; offers aid to Suris Enlien; levels up temple in Ghoried to 2; moves knight, scout, artillery back to Bellam

Ghoried: Finishes castle; garrisons troops in castle, has sex with Siele Ghorien

Turn 6: Night of Fire / Haelyn’s Festival (Summer Solstice)

  • Domain Action 6a: Haelynir (Summer I)

Ghoere: open negotiation with Endier, Mhoried

Osoerde: Moergan clashes with Raenech; sends missive to Johann; Ciesen levels up source holding up to 1 in Spiritsend


Caercas: finds goblin, sends him off; court builds barracks under Goblin Tower and temple (2 GB finishes); diplomacy with Spider

IHH: Lieda continues fighting Osoerde, level up holding in Ghoried to 4, succeeds

Siele/el-Hadid: levels up guild in Caercas to 4; tries to level up in Fairfield, fails; nests in Ghoried, proposes marriage to Aydin

Bellam: scries Moriel, passes troop information along to Hazarin and Moergan; talks to Trevor Ciesen

Ghoried: levels law up to 5; Blackthorne declares castle expanding to level 2 (4 GB)

Duerlin: levels up guild holding up to 3; Odgerl musters pikemen; sends a missive to el-Hadid, who responds looking forward to assistance

  • Domain Action 6b: Anarire (Summer II)

Ghoere: embassy in Proudglaive discussed


Medoere: Spider retreats back into Fell from Caerwil

Caercas: holds ceremony to grant lands to Jebe (Abbatuor), Johann (Spiritsend); finishes barracks; researches Legion of the Dead (success); finances GB into gp

IHH: Levels up holding in Fairfield to 4, succeeds


Bellam: Ancaerin decrees for a level 1 court; decrees a national holiday; makes a level 0 law holding in Spiritsend; scries Savane and sends missive to Moergan and Hazarin

Ghoried: asks Siele to be mistress, she refuses; adventure to look into orphanage; expands castle to level 2

Duerlin: Occupies Abbatuor, destroys 2 levels of Tane’s law, 1 level of Tane’s guild; sends missive to Marlae, meets with Marlae

  • Domain Action 6c: Deismir (Summer III)

Ghoere: Sets up embassy in Proudglaive, invites Vilnik to Bhalaene

Osoerde: Offers full alliance and law in Spiritsend to Bellam

Medoere: Offers full alliance and temple in Braeme to Roesone

Caercas: Increases law in Caercas (fail), Duerlin (succeed), Edlin (succeed) and Fairfield (succeed), meets with Marlae

IHH: Builds cathedral in Fairfield

Siele/el-Hadid: offers to become lieutenant of the realm

Bellam: create source holding in Algael, studies with Trevor, court?

Ghoried: hold action

Duerlin: send away for bride, receive Chantou (13 year old mute girl)

Turn 7: Veneration of the Sleeping (Vernal Equinox)

Loyalty adjustment: Spiritsend +1 (to average)

  • Domain Action 7a: Erntenir (Fall I)

Bellam: levels up source in Algael to 1 (success) and Spiritsend to 3 (success); court action to expand; character to direct

Medoere: negotiates full alliance to Roesone (gives one level of law in Caerwil), celebrates Veneration of the Sleeping

Ilien: contests a source holding in Duene (succeeds)

IHH: continues building cathedral (level 2), siege in Moriel

Ghoried: Rules province to 7 (succeeds)

Ghoere: arrives for wedding

Guilders: El-Hadid sends missive thanking Jebe, Siele rules guild holdings in Aerenwe, makes an alliance with Liliene’s guilder

Caercas: decree of wedding between Roesone and Denoered, calls Aydin Sherriff of Roesone; domain action to lead wedding

Osoerde: offers full alliance including law holdings in Algael, Brothendar, Spiritsend

Duerlin: Occupies Abbatuor again

Wedding in Ghoried! Receive 4.5 GB worth of gifts from various realms, including: spidersilk sheets and a wooden chest from Siele, jeweled sword from Aerenwe, armor from Taeghas, amulet of magic detection from Medoere, Book of Memories from Ilien, cask of herbs and spices from William Moergan, iron bracelets and gems from Ghoere, a pair of horses from Edlin, illuminated Book of Laws from Fairfield



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