Birthright: Ascension

Plots and Rumors

The politics of the Sword and Crown, MR 553

The following information circulates through the pockets of nobility and regents at the Sword and Crown. Next to each lead, I’ll post a skill check DC. You can check to see whether or not your character would hear each bit of information, though we’re purely on the honor system here, so do as you see fit.

- Aeric Boeruine has let it be known that he is in search of a bride, ending at last his long years of widowhood (Streetwise, 15). Eriene Mierles of Brosengae is first in line to apply (Streetwise, 17). Darien Avan is enraged that his vassal Eriene is so eagerly offering herself up to the enemy (Streetwise, 21).

- A mysterious and beautiful Brecht guilder named Katreda has been making inquiries into guild holdings on the Southern Coast (Streetwise, 15). She has specifically approached el-Hadid and has made no secret of leveraging his defeat at the hands of Duerlin in negotiating an alliance (Streetwise, 18). Katreda really likes jewelry… (Perception, 10).

- The Orthodox Imperial Temple of Diemed has let it slip that the Book of Laws – supposedly THE definitive scripture, penned by Haelyn himself – has “gone missing” from the Basilica in Aerele (Religion, 15). They have quietly offered a reward for its return (Religion, 17).

- The health of Caliedhe Dosiere, High Chamberlain of the Imperial City, appears to be failing after half a century of guarding the Iron Throne (Streetwise, 8). Boeruine and Avan seem none-too-crestfallen at the news (Insight, 12). Rumor has it that Dosiere has refused both of their claims to the throne (Streetwise, 20). Rumor also has it that the Chamberlain is immortal, has existed since Deismaar, and is using this “illness” as a political feint (Academics or Streetwise, 18).

- The Oak Grove of Erik, in Cariele, has lodged a formal complaint with Count Entier Gladanil against the Northern Reform Church of Sarimie (Religion, 13). The nature of the complaint centers on the collusion of the NRCS and Guilder Mhaille Bireon and the deforestation of Cariele (Religion, 15). Gladanil has been heard laughing off the complaint…in the company of Bireon (Streetwise, 10).

- Prince Darien Avan has recovered from his near-death experience sooner than expected (and sooner than his detractors might have hoped). Though initially compromised by the show of vulnerability, the canny prince quickly turned the situation to his political advantage, making a show of leaning on his beautiful daughter or on a cane while in public. This performance was accompanied by an attempt to curry favor from some smaller and weaker countries (Insight, 20). Tuornen, Cariele, and even Talinie appear swayed (Streetwise, 24). Boeruine is enraged that his vassal Thuriene would even lend an ear to his enemy (Insight, 25).

- Rogr Aglondier mentions in passing that his daughter, a priestess of Nesirie, is yet unmarried, and that he would be willing to part with her to seal a more formal alliance with a worthy neighboring nation… (Perception, 7).

- Map boundaries are re-drawn. Ghoere now incorporates Tenarien, the southernmost province of Mhoried (Academics, 10). Roesone incorporates Algael, Brothendar, and Spiritsend.

- Roesone has moved to obtain a ducal seat. The other dukes are calling for a vote before the Imperial Senate sometime in the winter season.

Other well-established points of business:

- Michael Mhoried has lodged a formal complaint against Ghoere after Tael’s incursion into Mhoried.

- Kalilah bint Daouta has lodged a formal complaint against Ghoere for making a vassal of her sister Malika and the duchy of Elinie.

- Lieda Armiendin (IHH), Maire Cwllmie (ETN), and Wincae Raenech (CSH) propose re-forming the Imperial Temple, dedicated to the worship of the holy triad of Haelyn, Nesirie, and Cuiraecen. Lavalan Briesen of the OIT is violently opposed.

- Morel the Wise and the Circle of Ten from the Royal College of Sorcery deigned to leave their academy to visit Roesone and the new academy of magic forming therein. Many members of the Circle were keen to highlight that the RCoS is the preeminent school of magic in Anuire and that certain magi would do well to remember their loyalty to their alma mater. Morel was silent on the matter.



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