Court Actions

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Court actions

Build (GB Varies; DC 5+)
Total cost to build given on p. 90; proceeds at 1d6 GB per turn until complete; other regents in province may spend RP to increase/decrease DC

Decree (1 GB; No DC)
Make an administrative decision not directly affecting a holding, other regent, or populace attitude; e.g., give vassal a title, increase/decrease taxes, increase/decrease court size, declare war, declare holiday; no check.

Disband (0 GB; DC varies)
Unmake a single domain asset or holding; for normal troops DC 0, for mercenaries DC 10, to raze asset or holding DC 20

Finance (0 GB; No DC)
Convert gold to GB at rate of 2,000 gold pieces per GB

Muster/Train Troops (GB varies; No DC)
Cost varies by type of troop; takes one month to muster

Occupy province (1 GB; No DC)
Institute martial law in one province; province generates no RP and GB from taxation goes to occupying regent; each occupying unit counts as a level of Law holding; each occupying unit may destroy one holding level per month

Court Actions

Birthright: Ascension caelist