Domain Actions

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Domain actions

Agitate (1 RP, 1 GB; DC 10+)
Agitate populace or province against a person/idea; may spend GB to increase check; all regents in province may spend RP to increase/decrease DC; court action may extend the Agitate over multiple provinces

Ceremony (GB varies; No DC)
Arrange coronation, designation of heir, divestiture, lieutenancy, transfer of provinces, or vassalage; often combined with Investiture realm spell

Contest Holding/Ley Line/Trade Route (1 RP; DC 10+)
Neutralize opposing regent’s holding; check vs. DC 10+target holding (source/trade route) level; add your holding level if same type; level 0 holdings are destroyed; involved regents may spend RP

Create Holding (1 GB; Skill check varies by holding type)
Regents of same type may spend RP; base DC 10

Create Trade Route (1 RP, 1 GB; DC 10+)
Link provinces of different terrains; DC 10+difference in guild levels

Diplomacy (1 GB, 1 RP; Diplomacy check)
Forge or break alliance, demand concession, respond to event; DC varies depending on action.

Espionage (1 GB; Streetwise check)
Reveal alliances, catalog troop movement, create event (i.e., assassination, corruption), rescue prisoners, etc.; DC varies.

Forge Ley Line (1 GB and 1 RP/province crossed; DC 5+)
Connect two provinces in which you own source holdings

Move Troops (1+ GB) – only in hostile provinces
Pay 1 GB per 10 units/provinces of movement; can also spend RP to same effect if traveling with army

Rule Holding (1 GB, 0+ RP; DC 10+)
Raise level of holding by 1; pay 1 GB plus RP equal to new holding level; DC 10+current holding level

Rule Province (1 GB; DC 10+)
Raise level of province by 1; pay 1 GB and 1 RP per new province level; DC 10+current province level

Domain Actions

Birthright: Ascension caelist